What Introverts Bring to the Table

by | Oct 12, 2017

Earlier this week, we talked about challenges introverts can face in the workplace; but introverts bring a lot to the table! Just as extroverts contribute new ideas and positive energy, introverts do the same. They get a bad rep as unsocial and highly sensitive, but this isn’t always true (and isn’t always a bad thing either).

Jane Burnett thinks we have a lot to learn from introverts. In her article, she outlines five things we all could stand to learn. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Practicality: Introverts are more resistant to distraction and tend to be more direct and logical. They are natural problem solvers and have the ability to see past the haze when analyzing a situation.
  • Listening skills: Introverts are also natural listeners, since they’re usually a lot more comfortable taking in information than giving it. Along with this, they stay calm and don’t show much emotion. You can count on introverts to fully hear all sides of a situation, and remain calm when analyzing it.
  • Humbleness: Introverts don’t wait for applause if they succeed at something. In fact, they probably aren’t too interested in being loudly praised over and over again by the whole team. Everyone deserves praise for a job well done, but the great thing about being an introvert is that they don’t crave or need repeated, loud praise like some extroverts do. This makes introverts ideal leaders too, since they’re not worried about their public ego.


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