How to Find a Non-Tech Job at a Startup in Boston: Tips for New Grads

by | Dec 6, 2017

Startups can be a great place to begin your career. At a startup, you can take on more responsibility at the entry level than you could in a more traditional, corporate work environment, and there are also potential financial rewards if you get hired full-time with stock options.  Use these tips to find startup jobs in Boston, even if you’re not a technical professional.

Determine Whether Startup Life Is For You

The startup culture is very unique. While the work environment itself can be relaxed, startups can be competitive and high-pressure work environments. If you’re someone who wants to punch out at 5:00, you may not enjoy the startup life where you’re often openly judged by how many hours you clock a day. You must also determine if you can tolerate the risk of working for a company that has no guarantee of succeeding over the course of the next five years.

Study The Boston Startup Market

Research startups in the Boston area that are hiring and that are funded, and make a list of targets that you’re passionate about based on your interests, priorities and goals.  If possible, start using the products of your target companies and learn everything you can about their culture, challenges and their organizational structure. Follow your target companies on social media and try to make connections with the people who work there.

Network, Network, Network

There are lots of non-technical jobs at Boston startups, but because the tech industry is so insular, it’s often who you know that makes a true difference. Therefore, you want to start building up your contacts in the Boston startup community. If you do a little research on sites like Meetup, you can find an event for startups almost every day of the week.  However, as an “outsider” you need to be prepared to be bold. Try to connect with people from your target organizations and set up informational meetings with them over coffee.

Prove Your Value

You can’t just tell a startup CEO that you want to work for her company because you love her app. Startups must justify every dollar they spend, and that means they must only hire people who add value to the company.  Be clear about your skills, talents and your unique selling proposition so you can show interviewers that you would be a true asset to their organization

Work With A Boston Staffing Expert

If you aren’t a tech pro, it can be difficult to find a job at a startup in Boston on your own.  If you’re new to the job market, it can be even more difficult to break in. However, if you work with a recruiter that understands both the Boston startup market and the needs of recent grads, you can put yourself in a position to achieve your goals.

Contemporaries Inc., can help you get your foot in the door with great tech companies through temp jobs in Boston. In fact, 90% of our temporary placements result in permanent job offers. If you are ready to accelerate your search, contact our recruiters today.

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