Nail the Interview, Land the Job

by | Jan 8, 2018

We all know landing a job is a lot more than just having the relevant experience. At Contemporaries, our CEO’s well-built relationships with her clients are what can get you in the door. However, you still need to prove yourself once you get the opportunity Contemporaries can offer.

Interview prep is an essential step in the process to landing the role, whether it’s temporary or permanent. You also need to be in the right mindset during the interview. In his article, David Essel outlines some great tips on how to nail that interview. We’ve highlighted some below:

  • Research the company: This one is important. One of the biggest turn-offs an interviewer can experience is someone who clearly knows nothing about the company they’re trying to become a part of. Do your research and find out important components of the company, such as their mission statement and other critical components to who they really are.
  • Picture success, and reflect that in your outward self: Appear successful to the interviewer, and you’ll convey confidence. Additionally, display respectful actions such as arriving (at least!) ten minutes early for your interview and dressing professionally. Hiring managers want to know that you take the interview seriously, and therefore would take the job seriously. If you tend to get anxious (don’t we all), remember to take deep breaths before you begin, and always rehearse your answers beforehand.
  • Ask questions, but not too many: You never want the hiring manager to feel like they’re the one being interviewed, but you should always have a few questions on hand for the end of the interview. Try to think of some that show how engaged you are in the company and their mission.
  • Follow up: An email or handwritten note can go a long way! Once again, this further solidifies your professionalism and interest in the job.


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