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Contemporaries’ Donna Fitzgerald
Boston Women’s Business Top Ten Recruiter

Donna Fitzgerald

Boston native and Contemporaries CEO Donna Fitzgerald made her reputation as a staffing expert early on. Her uncanny ability to read candidate nuances, captures an accurate snapshot of how someone is going to perform in the workplace, was why she was tapped by organizations and businesses looking to improve their own hiring practices.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, receiving a BA in Social Theory and Political Economics, Donna has served as Director of the Labor Management Program for the City of Boston and worked as a human resource consultant before opening Contemporaries in 1998. Her staffing savvy, insight, experience, and knowledge are why she was named a Top Ten Recruiter by Boston Women’s Business, and her agency, ranked #1 on Google Reviews.

Donna’s proprietary methodology – Right Match – has led to a consistently high success rate ‐ for matching the right person with the right job, the first time. Donna has been instrumental in running a progressive temporary employment and contracting agency. Her non-traditional methods, honing in on people’s talents, reading nuances and behavior predictors, have benefitted companies, universities, and public sector organizations throughout Greater Boston.

Her insight and problem-solving skills, which has inspired Contemporaries approach and our relationships with client partners, are why our candidates have fared so well in this economy, and Contemporaries has continued to expand.

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