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Employee of the Quarter – Brett Burdick

Employee of the Quarter – Brett Burdick

Congratulations, Brett!

Contemporaries Employee of the Quarter

July 2017

It’s that time again— Contemporaries Employee of the Quarter! We are pleased to announce this quarter’s winner: Brett Burdick. There are so many wonderful words we could use to describe him, dependable, attentive, and personable among them, but the simple fact is that Brett has been a loyal partner to Contemporaries for many years. We know that no matter where we place him, Brett will give one-hundred and ten percent to each task, role, and overall position. He has added value to many of our client companies over the years, and continues to do so at his current, long-term placement. Brett, you are a pleasure to work with and are most deserving of the Employee of the Quarter award and $250 bonus.

Why did you apply to Contemporaries?

“I do a copious amount of research on anything I’m investing my time in, and I saw that Contemporaries had the highest rating of any temp agency in Boston on Google Reviews—that’s what attracted me to apply. In my time here they have continued to earn stellar reviews and maintain a great reputation.”

What roadblocks did you face in your job-search before applying to Contemporaries?

“I had an unconventional path before coming to Contemporaries; I was a professional poker player for five years. While it helped me with entrepreneurial and other transferable skills, most employers did not take it seriously and my resume could not get me in the door. Contemporaries gave me a chance, they were able to place me without using my resume, without me having to interview, and I’m very grateful for it.”

What skills and experience have you gained from your placements through Contemporaries?

“I’ve made great use of Microsoft Office, which is something every employer requires but not a lot of us put into practice on our own. At my current position I’ve utilized complex spreadsheets for data using Excel and I’ve created several training templates in PowerPoint for the entire office to utilize… The first assignment I received from Contemporaries was for three weeks. I was thrust into a leadership role immediately, I embraced it, and I was working with about 10-15 other Contemporaries employees. We worked very hard on a lot of team projects, a lot of long hours. It was a very satisfying and educational process. I’ve been happy to be able to participate in that same assignment several years since then, and establish a great working relationship with that particular company.”

What current show are you watching?

Man Seeking Woman. It’s actually about a temp living in the city with an eccentric dating life.”

What is the most interesting book you’ve read recently?

“I just finished Dressing Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.”

Do you feel that college prepared you for the professional world?

“Contemporaries has been a better preparation than college in terms of a realistic use of skills and gaining knowledge of the business world. I have nothing against college, and rather enjoyed my time there, but most of us don’t learn those skills that are directly applicable to workplace settings.”

From whom do you derive inspiration?

“A lot of it is from adversaries and people who may not believe in me as much as I believe in myself—the ‘haters.’ I have several mentors who, when faced with a wall, took an aggressive yet intelligent approach to overcome the wall and became better people in spite of it.”

How would you describe the partnership between you and Contemporaries?

“It’s a genuine, authentic relationship with lots of open communication, understanding, and support. Every assignment I’ve been given has been an amazing experience; I’ve gained a lot of skills, I’ve made a lot of friends, I’ve made some great personal and professional connections, and it’s been a great way to make a living the last few years. I’ve gained a great deal of experience in education, healthcare, and marketing related industries through Contemporaries; all of my placements have had great opportunities for transferable skills and have built upon my strengths while also turning my weaknesses into strengths. I see a continued relationship full of success for both of us in the future. My best advice to everyone out there is to apply to Contemporaries now.”

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