Blog written by recruiter Koreena Geisler-Wagner.

Time and time again we’re told that “first impressions are everything,” and to some extent this is absolutely true. There are countless courses, seminars, websites, and other resources dedicated to teaching one how to present well in interviews because that first impression on a potential future employer is the most important part of the entire job-search process– for both recruiters and job-seekers.

Formulas and other resources aside, giving the right first impression is often as easy as simply possessing the right attitude. In her article “A great coach explains why you’re not getting recruited for the best jobs,” Heidi Moore analyzes how basketball coach legend Geno Auriemma chooses the players that have led their team at the University of Connecticut to 11 NCAA titles, four undefeated seasons, and a current two-year winning streak.

According to Auriemma, a bad attitude can be anything from entitlement to giving up too soon– either way, all his benched players have one thing in common: a bad attitude. As Moore points out, “you’ll find that top recruiters and employers think the same way too.”

Photo: “Fearless Girl” by  dnorton, available under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 License.