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Making Your Work Space Yours

by May 16, 2018

Your work space is an area intended to help you perform at your best, while being comfortable. Your work space can also say a lot about you and your work style.

Most work spaces aren’t exactly the most glamorous.They can be small, and you’re often surrounded by lots of other coworkers. However, there are ways to make it work better for you, and to bring you happiness at work, while remaining professional.

In her article, Sophia Anderson highlights 7 Things Your Personal Workspace Says About You. We recommend reading this article to further understand what is and isn’t appropriate, as well as what kind of message you send with how you keep it. We also have a few tips of our own, which Anderson touches on in her article as well.

  • Organization is a priority: Whether you’re a manager or an entry-level employee, having a messy desk never gives the right impression of your work ethic. We all have days where our desk becomes a bit cluttered, but you should never have things like trash or other waste in your work space. Try to designate five minutes at the end of each day to organizing your space. You’ll feel much more prepared when you come into work the next day, and having a clear space will relieve morning stress as well.
  • Personal touches: Having a few personal objects and photos on your desk is a good way to express yourself, as well as calm your nerves if you’re having  tough day. A picture or two of family, friends, a significant other, or a pet are a nice touch, but don’t overwhelm your space with these. While these objects are fun, if you have too many coworkers and supervisors will see them as a distraction. Also, stress relief items are great too, but best kept in a drawer. Small plants are a great idea too. Lastly, make sure any pictures you have a work place appropriate!
  • Snacks and meals: An afternoon snack is often the perfect pick-me-up to get through the last leg of your day. Keeping a few snacks handy will keep you focused and relaxed. However, try not to have items that are particularly pungent, and consider your coworkers.

Make your space your own, while making sure it’s still professional. Personal touches are a nice addition to your space, which ultimately prove to help your productivity and work place happiness!


Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash

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