Intention and the Right Actions

by Jul 24, 2019

Whatever your professional goals. If you act on the belief that you can do it and take the right actions, then there is little you cannot do.  But what are the ‘right actions’ and what is meant by ‘acting on the belief that you can’? When you commit yourself towards a goal that you believe in, you are doing what Christina DesMarais refers to as ‘intention’ in her recent article on the habits that can be taken for success. DesMarais goes on to observe that, “One thing which separates high achievers from regular people: intention.” ‘Intention’ in this sense is belief and applied commitment towards a goal. 

The ‘right actions’ are simply steps or processes or habits that you can take to help you reach that goal.  However think of them, these are things that you can do that help you reach your goal. This series of Contemporaries Tips focus on these right actions. They will range from creating daily task checklists to having a backup plan whenever possible. 

Reference Source: Business Insider.
Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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