Secrets To Being an Exceptional Temp and Snagging The Job!

by Oct 17, 2019

Today, as millions of men and women head to their temporary work assignments, they do so for many reasons. Some for purely financial necessity, others because they’re in between permanent jobs, more in order to gain experience, and others who may be trying to jump start their careers or launch a completely new one.

No matter what the motive, if you happen to be lucky enough to secure a temporary work assignment, count your blessings.  

If you want to climb the career ladder, your temp job may be the fastest route to the top. But, it will take more than just a satisfactory effort. You will need to do more if you are going to “Wow” a future employer. How can someone maximize the opportunity a temporary assignment can offer? Being an exceptional worker is a great start.

However, there a few secrets temps should know and follow if they truly want to be viewed as extraordinary.

Exceptional temporary employees:

  • Arrive early to organize their day, prioritize their duties, projects and responsibilities, as well as stay late if their work has not been completed.
  • Research and learn all there is to know about the organization they are assigned to.
  • Take plenty of notes so they’re not asking the same questions over and over and create “to do” lists to track what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.
  • Follow basic office etiquette such as dressing appropriately, not surfing the Internet and staying off Social Media and phones during work hours, not wearing overbearing fragrances, and treating everyone professionally, courteously and with dignity and respect.
  • Are detail oriented, finishing every item and task they’ve been assigned, in addition to checking and double checking their work for accuracy.
  • Volunteer to help co-workers, team members, supervisors and bosses once their own work is completed.
  • Make themselves indispensable!

By following these simple tips, temporary employees may find themselves with more than one offer for a permanent position and a continued opportunity to succeed and shine.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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