“Gratitude Not Attitude Is The Mark of a True Winner”

by Oct 25, 2019

An individual’s outlook can set the tone for whether they succeed or fail in their career ambitions as well as many other aspects of their life. 

Maintaining a positive outlook and expressing genuine gratitude for any and all opportunities can go far when it comes to decision makers determining who gets hired and who doesn’t, who is placed on the most coveted work teams, or who receives the promotion and who doesn’t.

If the candidate brings a thankful approach to a job or even an interview most would-be employers will view the encounter as a positive experience.  When a job seeker comes in with an attitude or air of entitlement, unfortunately the opposite result may occur.

According to Contemporaries, Inc. President and CEO Donna Fitzgerald, “Gratitude not attitude Is the mark of a true winner.”

She explained that an individual who is truly appreciative understands the value of a new job or career prospect and will usually work even harder because they want to prove they are worthy of the opportunity afforded them.

“Sometimes people are so busy trying to get to the next level, they sometimes don’t take a minute to fully appreciate any and all of the opportunities, breaks, and prospects being offered to them in their lives and their work,” Fitzgerald added.

Fitzgerald said most would be employers will opt for the candidate who will appreciate their job, the rewards they can earn through hard work and dedicated efforts and be grateful for the chance to prove themselves.

They are the true workplace champions.


Gratitude Not Attitude Is The Mark of a True Winner

Donna Fitzgerald

Quote Source: Contemporaries, Inc.
Image Source: Pixabay.

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