Know Your Story Before Your Interview

by Dec 19, 2019

All through this week we’ve been providing tips and positive sayings to help get you through any job interview. We’ve talked about the best ways to calm any anticipatory nerves in advance of your interview as well as any fears that may pop up during it. We’ve also talked about the best ways to ask questions at the end of your interview. Today’s focus is on what you can do BEFORE your interview to feel your most confident. And thankfully you’ve got a dedicated team of professionals working with you to help get you ready!


Working with a staffing agency, you’ll have a chance to go through practice questions and get feedback. Your recruiters are knowledgeable across a wide variety of fields of employment and will be able to coach you through both questions relevant to the particular job you’re being considered for as well as standard interview inquires. Regardless of your area of expertise, our main piece of advice is to be positive. Make sure you’re being positive about any work experience you’ve had recently, whether you liked your boss or not. That way your prospective employer will see your ability to find the best in any situation and know that you’ll bring that same energy to their workplace.


And in order to best explain your previous experiences in a positive light, it’s important for you to know your resume inside and out. Think of each entry as a chapter in the story that is you, a person your would-be boss will want to hire. How does each detail build to show you off in the best light? Be ready to explain transitions into and out of positions. Make sure you are comfortable talking about those–and using positive explanations to do so. It’s also helpful to your favorite aspects of working in those positions in mind. Much like how asking for your interviewer’s favorite parts of working at their company will show off your interested mindset, you’ll be able to round out your interviewing experience by further reinforcing your positivity as an employee. With these preparation tips in mind, we know you’ll rock your interview from start to finish. Check back tomorrow for our Feel Good Friday interview affirmations!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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