Let Your Leadership Shine

by Feb 20, 2020

As the light outside lingers for longer, today we’ll continue our conversation on how to serve as a shining light in your workplace, examining ways of indicating to both your colleagues and your employers that you have a solid handle on your current responsibilities and are ready to take the next steps in your career by taking on new duties. Follow the steps highlighted below and you’ll surely lead your colleagues by example. 


H.V. MacArthur at Forbes provides this tip: “Demonstrate capability. This may seem obvious, but it often gets overlooked: Be good at what you’re getting paid to do now. It’s folly to assume others will pitch you new responsibilities if you’re dropping the ball in your current role. Requesting new and different work is equivalent to asking others to gamble on you and trust you’ll deliver positive results. That’s simply unrealistic if you’re not a stellar performer today.” Remember that what you do in the present affects what you’ll be able to achieve in the future. By focusing on the current moment, you’ll inspire those around you to remain mindful and not get bogged down by remembering past mistakes or thinking too far ahead–that way everyone can succeed in the here and now!


Alex at The Muse also offers up a great suggestion: “Talk to Your Boss. Go to your supervisor and see if there are any additional projects you can work on. Make it a discussion rather than a direct question: you can share your own career goals and talk about how you see yourself fitting into the company’s future. Think about what skills or knowledge you want to develop, and see if there’s an opportunity that’ll let you do just that. If possible, have a few concrete ideas in mind so you can suggest areas where you may be able to get more involved.” While keeping in mind that you need keep your present actions exemplary, be sure to also remember that you are part of your organization’s future! Asking about how you can grow in your role and beyond in a surefire method for letting your leadership qualities shine–after all, whether it be with bosses, co-workers, or anyone in your life, communication is key.


With these simple steps serving as your foundation, we know you’ll be able to show everyone around you that you are ready to take on more workplace responsibilities. Your hard work and dedication are sure to shine through, helping you to further serve as a guiding light in your professional environment. Check back in tomorrow to bring your week to a radiant conclusion with our Feel Good Friday: Guiding Light installment!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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