Monday Mood Booster: Cool

by Jun 22, 2020

Welcome back! Amidst the summer heat, make sure you’re seeking out ways to stay cool, calm, and collected. Now that the novelty of warmer days has worn off, it can be easy to become “heated,” both physically and mentally. Take a moment to stop and breathe, to make sure you’re not having a knee-jerk reaction to any work obstacles that may arise and can instead respond to a level-headed fashion. To help you keep your cool, check out these sayings we’ve curated for you below:



You can pull through anything! So don’t let your blood boil. There is plenty of joy to be found all around you. While negative thoughts will inevitably enter your mind, you don’t have to keep them there. Keeping positive will help you keep your cool in your professional environment, no matter what. Join us again tomorrow for ways to do just that!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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