How To Keep Going In Your Workplace

by Dec 1, 2020

A key component of persevering is remaining motivated. So, today we’re looking at ways to do just that within any workplace! And having the right mindset is essential to building up your motivation. Mentally persevering entails finding opportunities within any challenges that come your way, as well as thinking about how your own role contributes to the big picture at your company. And your own big picture, too! Maintaining a sense of perspective and remembering to continue striving towards your own personal goals will ensure you remain inspired each and every day within your professional environment. For ways to do just that, check out the tips from the pros that we’re highlighting below.


We adore this thorough method provided by Ayelet Fishbach at the Harvard Business Review:  “Design Goals, Not Chores. Ample research has documented the importance of goal setting. Studies have shown, for example, that when salespeople have targets, they close more deals, and that when individuals make daily exercise commitments, they’re more likely to increase their fitness levels. Abstract ambitions—such as ‘doing your best’—are usually much less effective than something concrete, such as bringing in 10 new customers a month or walking 10,000 steps a day. As a first general rule, then, any objectives you set for yourself or agree to should be specific…The trick is to focus on the elements of the work that you do find enjoyable…In cases where that’s impractical—we don’t all find jobs and get assignments we love—the trick is to focus on the elements of the work that you do find enjoyable. Think expansively about how accomplishing the task might be satisfying—by, for example, giving you a chance to showcase your skills in front of your company’s leaders, build important internal relationships, or create value for customers.” Science is behind this one: setting goals for yourself is integral to developing and maintaining your sense of perseverance. Remember to also find positivity wherever possible when tackling your professional tasks. Even if you’re not currently at your “dream job,” the work you complete in the present will help you get closer to your goal. And as you focus on what it is that you do enjoy about your role, you may discover new pathways you hadn’t considered exploring. Remember, too, to keep your goal setting specific. That way you won’t get overwhelmed by trying to take on something that feels too big at the outset.


We also love this quick tip from Daniel Potter at Grammerly: “Consider your work in context. Even dream jobs come with their share of frustrations, as well as the occasional assignment that, while less than glamorous, can’t be ignored. In such moments, it can be helpful to remember that it took some effort to get where you are—plus, if you have other ambitions down the road, crushing your current objectives might help your path forward.” Make sure to keep in mind that each and every job you hold will have its rough moments. Since encountering challenges is inevitable, it’s how you respond to those obstacles that truly matters. So even when tackling tasks that may not seem glamorous, keep persevering by remembering that your work is a small part of a larger whole. As you continue to put forth your best efforts, you’ll be sure to impress any employer. Which will help open up even more doors for you!


So, keep going. We know you can do it! Instead of obstacles, consider every work task–no matter how “boring” or challenging–an opportunity to allow you unique strengths to shine. Doing so will frame your workday in a positive light, and provide you with extra motivation to keep going. This will also allow you to inspire all those around you, bosses and co-workers alike. Each of your roles individually make a difference when it comes to taking strides towards your collective goals. Find further strength in this community. And practice persevering! Finally, join us again tomorrow as we share more motivation with our Wednesday Wellness: Persevere edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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