We take care in finding the right match for our people, which is why most are offered permanent roles.

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Our employees receive

  • An opportunity to work in an environment where they are poised to succeed.
  • New and varied work experiences, allowing the candidate to discover their right niche.
  • An opportunity for professional advancement with each new position and placement.
  • Benefits!

Where we work

  • Start-Ups
  • Universities
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Non-Profits
  • Government
  • Biotechnology 
  • Hospitals and Health Care
  • Customer Service

As a top rated temp agency in Boston, MA we are a trusted partner to our clients when it comes to making the right job and candidate match. Most temps do not have relationships with clients they are trying to secure jobs from. In many cases, the candidates have no knowledge of an opportunity. However, through the partnerships we have developed over the years, our employment agency in Boston, MA is able to provide an opportunity and foot through the door that an individual may never receive.

Our team delivers unsurpassed customer service by providing an exceptional, personalized experience to each candidate. Matches are made because we want our candidates to succeed on their temporary, temp-to-perm, contract, or contract-to-hire position. That is why placements are made based on candidates possessing the right skills, experience and qualities that make them a perfect fit for the organization’s work culture. Our sense of urgency helps provide candidates an opportunity sooner rather than later.

Our placements are made in a wide range of industries and businesses as well as the public sector. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from financial, legal, and marketing to non-profits, universities, and online services, we select the right candidates for the needs of each workplace. Our other main sectors of employee emplacements include local, state and federal government, health care facilities and companies, in downtown Boston and surrounding areas.

Find out why we’re one of the top temp agencies in Boston MA when you submit your resume today.

Contemporaries is a SOMWBA certified woman-owned business.

Living Wage $15 Minimum

Contemporaries is committed to offering its employees a living wage of at least $15 an hour. The CEO Donna Fitzgerald implemented the $15 minimum hourly wage and hopes her actions will inspire others to follow suit.

“Not only is raising wages to a minimum of $15 an hour the right thing to do, but it also helps us to attract and retain excellent employees. These employees, in turn, are very invested in their own positions and they do an outstanding job because they know they are valued members of a real team.” –  Donna Fitzgerald, CEO of Contemporaries

People are much more complex than the skills and experience listed on their resume. That’s why Contemporaries goes well beyond the resume when it comes to making job matches. Candidates are selected based on their skills, as well as their ability to flourish and succeed in the work environment. We have developed a sophisticated response analysis methodology which weighs the attributes that decide whether a candidate will be the ideal match for a specific position.



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