Remove the complexity of hiring new staff

Payrolling Allows Organizations to Bring on New Employees Without Increasing Their Staff Numbers

Say, you are vying for a new contract, or have just secured one and want to increase the number of individuals working on the new project. Or, perhaps you are a government entity that needs to quickly come into compliance for one reason or another. And, you want to bring in a highly experienced Consultant, although you are also in a hiring freeze. Through Contemporaries, Inc. payrolling services you can keep your bottom-line employee numbers down, while still being able to bring on extra needed assistance.

It’s as easy as One, Two, Three.

  1. Decide on which individual or individuals you would like to have work on a project, contract, or other tasks.
  2. Notify Contemporaries, Inc.
  3. We’ll take it from there.
    1. Our Recruiters will reach out to your designee(s) to ensure a seamless experience.
    2. We will help with the paperwork.
    3. Set them up as a W2 Employee.
    4. Pay them weekly, in addition to covering the expenses for taxes, Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, PFLM, and Social Security taxes, in addition to providing other benefits as well.

That’s how easy it is!