Right Match

We take care in finding the right match for our people, which is why most are offered permanent roles.

Right Match

People are much more complex than the skills and experience listed on their resume. That’s why Contemporaries goes well beyond the resume when it comes to making job matches. Candidates for Boston temp jobs are selected based on their skills, as well as their ability to flourish and succeed in the work environment. We have developed a sophisticated response analysis methodology which weighs the attributes that decide whether a candidate will be the ideal match for a specific position.

Our techniques are different from other temp agencies in Boston MA because they involve a qualitative, measured approach, rather than chance and an impersonal resume. Our expertise and unique methodology are just some of the reasons we have consistently been given impeccable ratings by our clients and candidates.

Contemporaries provides employers with the best candidate at a moment’s notice. We have a proven track for making the excellent client-candidate matches the first time around.

Contemporaries’ recruiters work collectively as a team. We do not depend solely on the job description for temp work in Boston MA to fill a particular position. Instead, we take the time to know our clients and candidates and develop partnerships, with the mutual goal of securing winning combinations with every placement we make.

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