Autumn has long been associated with change, growth (personal and professional), and transformation. Routines can shift with seasons. Fall famously ushers in growth and is ripe with metaphor. Just look at how leaves begin to change their colors. It all began with school, remember? Early September we’d all head back to school, with sharp pencils, and an open notebook in hand. Well, let this season – as an adult – allow you to “turn a page”. Open that notebook, start with a blank slate, and begin jotting down achievable goals. Our team at Contemporaries, Inc. encourages you to break patterns, challenge yourself, set intentions (see affirmations post), and embrace the unknown. After all, change can be good. Here are some tips on how to succeed this season – professionally, and personally:

  • Make a schedule, or fine-tune yours. Routine matters. Buy a new planner, stay organized.
  • Autumn is the season of productivity, completion, and transition. So, harness this! Society, and the calendar, are on your side.
  • Reflect upon your meal choices, and exercise regimens. Join a new yoga class. Cut out meat on Monday’s. And stick to it.
  • Socialize. Studies say remaining social increases your lifespan 50%, as well as makes you happier and healthier. It’s a fact. Your immune system will thank you.
  • Although proper dress code is only one ingredient for success at a job, Fall is known for fashion. Spruce up your wardrobe but keep it professional. Have you thought about a new blazer? Fall boots?
  • Now’s the time to think clearly and calmly about your growth. And that includes more than just your job, but your job, too. Are you participating enough? Happy? Is it an environment you’d like to work permanently in? What can you do to optimize your success and actualize what you envision?

Fall symbolizes the time period of self-inventory, self-care, healthy risks, and pattern reassessment. We encourage you to do all the above. Get outside at lunch, breathe in that crisp, cool air, and begin to make routine changes before Winter sets in. Our team at Contemporaries, Inc. are here to help. Now’s the time.