Working hard may be a great way to get ahead, but giving back and helping others can also be very rewarding and a means to feeling good. Most times, being nice and thinking of others costs very little or nothing at all. However, the gift of giving back may make an incredible difference in someone else’s life. It can also provide the giver with a tremendous sense of success, purpose and satisfaction.

Life today is very complex and busy. However, getting in the habit of making time to help others may also provide you with a better mental perspective both personally and professionally.

Here are some tips you can practice on and off the job.

For instance:

  • If a worker is having a difficult time mastering a particular task you excel in, why not offer to lend a hand?
  • If you are a manager and see an employee struggling, why not ask them if everything is alright, and pair them with a mentor who is positive and encouraging? The employee may be going through a rough patch in their life and need to build their confidence.
  • If there is a subject or task you are skilled in or have a passion for, why not volunteer at an organization where your talents could be put to good use?
  • Gestures of giving back and extending kindness do not have to be grandiose, but they should be of value to someone else.
  • Also, be sure to include everyone in your office or personal outings. Even those you don’t know well. Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging.
  • Whatever you choose to do, just remember it truly is better to give than to receive. You can also feel better about yourself knowing that your contributions are making the world a little better whether it is for one individual or many others.

P.S. You are not only setting a great example, but such positive behavior is usually contagious!

Image brought to you from Pixabay