Author: Alyssa Rebolledo

Job hunting has become so much easier since the days when you had to look at a newspaper daily to see who was hiring. Now, there are staffing firms like Contemporaries, Inc., and websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and GlassDoor to help you find your dream job and achieve your career goals. A major challenge for today is using your time wisely while looking for your next career destination

Beware: there are numerous obstacles you will face while job searching. For instance, information overload, uncertainty when applying, technical distractions, and day-to-day life. 

Here are ways you can efficiently use your time while pursuing a career.  

Networking is one of the best and most productive measures you can take while job hunting. You can meet with future employers at networking events. This will allow you to really get to know the company and see if you are a good fit.  This opportunity consists of meeting new people that can recommend you get hired. An example would be going to a community job fair or a local workshop.  

Review Your Resume. Your resume and cover letter need updating while applying and searching for jobs. This means thoroughly editing, reviewing, and acknowledging that everything is up to date. Many good examples of quality resumes can be found on the Internet. Take a look at them and see how your own resume measures up. This may include rewriting your skills section, checking your work history, and tailoring these documents to meet the criteria for different job descriptions.  

Routine is Key. Humans are creatures of habit. Set aside a specific time every day to apply for jobs. For maximum productiveness, you can keep a journal or agenda to track all the positions you have applied to. Try writing down all the important information such as which companies you applied to, what positions you applied for, details about the position, and the day you applied. Make sure to record the data in your work journal or online calendar.  

Stay Positive and Reward Yourself. Good things come to people who wait. Job hunting can be stressful, frustrating, and lead to burnout. You can manage your time wisely while looking for your next job by understanding your dream position may not happen immediately. Set realistic expectations and believe in positivity. You know that the best job is coming, if not today, maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. Reward yourself for your efforts and hard work, and keep searching! It will pay off in the end when you land a great job! 

Picture by Mohamed Hassan. Brought to you from Pixabay.