Author: Contemporaries Team

Annually, individuals hoping to improve their lives, often set themselves up for failure by jotting down a laundry list of new expectations through their New Year’s Resolutions.

Even if they achieve some of their objectives, by not tackling the whole list, it can feel like a let down. And, if the list is too long, many abandon them before achieving success in any of them.

Why not take a different approach this year? How about focusing on only one, two, or three goals rather than many resolutions?

Envision what you think success would look like by December 2024. Whether it involves three personal or professional goals, or a combination of both, three realistic objectives are much more attainable than a list of 10 or more.

And, while you are thinking about those goals, why not incorporate a few daily affirmations into your day, too? They should be positive messages about yourself, your abilities, and potential.

For instance:

  • I am grateful for my past experiences because I was able to learn from each one.
  • I am thankful for the education I received which helped me land my new job.
  • I am both a good listener and a good speaker and will use my skills to make more new friends.


By starting your day on a positive note, it will be easier to overcome obstacles because life, professionally and personally, will not always go smoothly.

For goals, why not set yourself up for success? Keep them simple and attainable.

Such as: 

  • I will learn a new software program which is critical to my long-term career goals.
  • I will try to eat better and live healthier by incorporating fruit and vegetables into my diet and taking walks several times a week.
  •  I’ll try to make myself indispensable at the office by finishing my tasks on time and accurately, as well as pitching in to help my teammates once my own work has been completed.

Affirmations and a few attainable accomplishments will give you a more positive outlook on life and help build your confidence to succeed in the future.   

Picture by Alexa Brought to you from Pixabay.