Author: Contemporaries Team

Have you ever noticed how well successful people are able to convey their visions, missions, and ideas? Most times, they do it flawlessly, whether it is in an intimate business meeting or a televised discussion in front of a crowd of thousands. Possessing these types of communication skills is a definite plus in the workforce. A number of these individuals may have received professional assistance to become such effective orators. However, you don’t need to take a Dale Carnagie Public Speaking course to communicate effectively in the workplace.

While technology through the form of emails, calls, and apps, are now the norm for communicating in lieu of most face-to-face discussions, being able to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors, both virtually and verbally, will help you greatly throughout your career.

Expressing yourself is particularly important when it comes to issues regarding your position and work. If you have questions or issues about assigned tasks or specific work, it is better to be able to convey your concerns clearly and succinctly. And, If there is an issue, it is better to present it early on, to rectify the problem rather than just stewing about it.

Here are a few tips for perfecting your communications skills:

• Whether it is through an email, spoken verbally, or a short message through an app, try writing or speaking clearly, concisely, and accurately.
• If you are going to write something, try reading it out loud or silently before sending, just to make sure it sounds conversational and it gets to the point sooner rather than later.
• Practice a journalistic approach when highlighting a concern or a problem. Journalists compose a story explaining the who, what, when, where, and why of an issue. Decide which item is most important and begin with that, rather than composing a long and drawn-out saga.
• Try not to be accusatory. If there is an issue, try not to blame anyone, whether it is a colleague or a supervisor.
• Always be respectful.
• When appropriate, offer a solution.

Following these few short tips can assist you greatly in being a star communicator in the office!

Picture by This_is_Engineering from Pixabay