Resilience, Persistence, and Grit

by Dec 8, 2017

Finding success is always a challenge, but it can seem downright impossible when everything else seems to be going wrong. It can be hard to even imagine if you’re stuck feeling down for the count and frustrated.

Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing us for a loop. We can’t always stop striving for success when things get hard. So, what is someone to do to keep going and keep striving?

In his article “How to be resilient: 8 steps to success when life gets hard“, Eric Barker outlines some suggestions on how to do just this. We’ve listed some of our favorite points of his below:

  • Perceive and believe: The first step to handling strife and difficulty is acknowledging it. The sooner you recognize there’s trouble brewing, the more ahead of it you can become. Observe your surrounding environment and read the writing on the wall. Denial is your worst enemy, because when it gets REALLY bad, you’re already behind since you haven’t been planning for it. Additionally, the let down will feel even worse.
  • Prepare: “…even if it’s too late for preparation”. Whatever you can do to soften the blow of what’s coming will help you more in the long run. It might feel scary to prepare for the worst, but you’ll be glad you did.
  • Get help and give help: Having a resource to lean on and get advice from will always help. Additionally, don’t forget to help those around you who may be experiencing the same thing you did/are. This will make you feel better overall, and it’s the right thing to do!


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