Want to Work in Higher Education in Boston? Here’s What New Graduates Need to Know

by Jan 24, 2018

Breaking into the higher education market can be difficult. Academia can be a very insular group, and it’s often who you know that makes a difference. However, with the right approach, you can break in, even if you don’t currently know anyone in the field.

Apply for Jobs You Are Actually Qualified For

It’s hard enough to break into higher education, don’t make it any harder on yourself by applying for jobs you simply aren’t qualified for. Study job postings carefully and make sure your skills and experience are aligned before sending an application.

Showcase College Work Experience

If you had a work-study job or were employed anywhere on campus while in school, showcase that on your resume and in your cover letter. Working in higher education is a bit different than working in a “typical” office environment, and any experience you have in the field, even if it was working the front desk at the campus gym, is worth highlighting.

Focus on the Job, Not the School

You may have your heart set on working for a specific Boston institution, but don’t get tunnel vision. For now, focus on the type of job you’re looking for and worry less about where you’re doing it. Once you’ve broken into the field and log a few years of experience, it will be easy to move to another school.

Leverage Temporary Assignments

When it comes to finding a higher-ed job in Boston, keep an open mind about just how to get there. Competition for full-time jobs is fierce, and institutions can receive hundreds of applications for a single entry-level job. It can be difficult, if not impossible to stand out from such a crowd if you’re taking a traditional approach to your job search.

One way to get your foot in the door, earn valuable experience and start making connections while earning a living is to work as a temporary employee in Boston higher education. Schools need temporary workers to help cover leaves of absence, manage large projects, etc.

Working with a recruiter who specializes in the higher education market is the best way to find temporary positions in the field. A recruiter can help you tailor your resume to the higher education market, prepare for interviews and more.

Are You Looking for a Higher-Ed Job in Boston?

At Contemporaries, Inc., we have well-established relationships with colleges and universities in Boston, and we are experts at helping recent grads get their careers off the ground. In fact, most of our temporary replacements result in permanent job offers. If you are ready to get your career started in higher education, work with a true expert. Contact our Boston recruiters today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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