Everything You Should Know Before Hiring a Temporary Employee

by Feb 19, 2018

Temporary employees are great for businesses to manage seasonal or unforeseen increases in workload, help existing team members stave off burnout, ensure projects hit their deadlines and even test out potential new employees before making an offer of full-time employment. However, if you haven’t employed temporary staff before, there are some important things you need to know.

Trust in the Process and Be Candid

Working with a staffing agency in Boston is the first step to ensuring a successful hiring outcome for temporary positions. However, it’s important that you’re open and candid with your recruiting firm regarding your organization’s needs and the open role. When you trust your staffing partner with this information and your recruiter has as many details as possible, they will be able to find a candidate who is the best fit for the role.

Look Beyond the Resume

Sometimes, you just get a feeling about a candidate, but acting on instinct can be risky. Hiring temporary employees who might be missing a few skills or are new to the job market is a low-risk way to follow your gut. If you interview a temp who shows real passion for your company or your field, or have a demonstrated ability to learn quickly, a temporary trial period allows you to see if that passion translates into value for the organization.

You Need a Staffing Partner

You can hire temporary employees directly, but in truth, this can be a greater headache in the long run. Many companies have run into trouble misclassifying temporary workers which can lead to government fines and even lawsuits. It also takes practice to identify the right temps for your business throughout the hiring process.

Working with a strategic staffing partner ensures you can plan for current and future needs appropriately and your employees are fully vetted and properly classified. In fact, the staffing partner handles the payroll, benefits and administration associated with any temps you hire through them, significantly reducing liability exposure and overhead. The right staffing partner can connect you with temporary workers who are perfectly aligned for your organization and who will add value to your team.

Hire Top Boston Temps Today

If you are looking to utilize temporary employees to enhance your current workforce in Boston, it pays to work with the best. At Contemporaries, Inc., we have a 90 percent temp-to-perm placement rate, 98 percent placement rate and personalized candidate selection process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you control costs and improve the quality of your temporary hires.

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