Heartank Update: 2nd Donation to Collette Divitto

by Mar 23, 2018

Donna Fitzgerald, founder of the non-profit Heartank, is excited to announce that she has made a second donation to Collette Divitto, founder of Collettey’s Cookies.

Collette has received $10,000 from Heartank, and Donna and her team are so pleased to help finance Collettey’s Cookies. With these funds Collette has been able to purchase an industrial-sized mixer, helping her to be able to fill many more orders of her Amazing Cookies.

Heartank is hoping to continue to make $10,000 donations to other would-be entrepreneurs in order to help them get off the ground. Donna knows from her own experience how important seed money is within the first year of opening a business; money that is often not easy to get. She is proud to have been able to help Collette achieve her goals, and is hopeful that others will rally with Donna to help someone else.

Heartank was founded by Donna Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Contemporaries, Inc. She is assisted by Michael Durickas, Director of Communications at Heartank and Senior Recruiter at Contemporaries. David Flanagan, Heartank judge, visited Collette’s headquarters today with Donna and Michael to give her the last installment of the donation.

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