Author: Contemporaries Team

Whether you are the first or last one through the door, exhibiting kindness can go a long way in terms of garnering respect, admiration, camaraderie, and reciprocity from your peers and supervisors.

Individuals who are looking to get ahead in the workforce will work hard, sometimes take on other projects, and do their best to show their supervisor or employer that they are more than capable of handling their own position. Most times, the efforts are performed exclusively to move up the career ladder because it is very easy to get caught up in trying to better oneself.

However, by exhibiting a little kindness towards others in the workforce, not only will it help you transition to perhaps a higher position, but it will also allow you to feel good about your efforts and growth.

If you have been in a job for a while, remember how it felt when you initially walked through the door for the first time, not really knowing what to expect. For most, starting a new job can be intimidating and from the beginning, individuals usually remember those who were gracious and helpful to them and those who were not.

Why not offer to reciprocate by helping other newcomers? It will not cost you anything, but the benefits to you as well as another individual may be priceless!

And, if you happen to be the last one hired, try exercising kindness toward your fellow peers. They may be uncertain about you, but by exercising some kindness, they will view you as a valued member of their workforce and most times, treat you accordingly.

Whether it is a morning greeting and a smile, or an offer to assist another worker with a difficult task, any form of goodwill will be met with gratitude and appreciation.

You can also feel good about yourself because you may not know if a colleague is going through a tough time, personally or professionally. But they will remember the kindness you have shown them, and it may make a big difference in their world.

Picture by Renee Bigelow from Pixabay