Acknowledging Your Successes, Big and Small

by Apr 4, 2018

In today’s workplace, it’s easy to focus more on your failures than successes. Productivity is always a priority, so the big accomplishments and challenges tend to outweigh the day-to-day successes that we achieve all the time.

But if we only focus on the “big” successes, all of the work put into the “small” ones tends to get overlooked, and most often by ourselves. I can say from experience that it’s VERY easy to lose sight of the day-to-day productivity and accomplishments. But those small achievements add up!

In her article, Kathryn Kruse gives some tips on how to find your “stories of workplace heroism“. Kruse suggests that having these stories on hand will give you an edge if you’re interviewing, but we also feel that identifying these achievements will help boost your morale and feel better about your job. Positivity has been proven time and again to increase production and overall happiness both in and outside of the workplace.

Here are a few ways Kruse recommends for identifying some of these “small” achievements:

  • Think smallThis could be a specific event, or an overall trait. For example, I’m proud of the fact that I start each day by making a list of priorities, and most days I’m able to get through the whole list. While checking things off a list may seem small, it shows my organization and diligence, which are things to be proud of!
  • Consider what makes you proud: This could also be a specific event, or an overall trait. Try to imagine what a trusted friend, partner or family member would say about you if they were marketing you for a job. It could be your patience, interpersonal skills, or even a time you successfully led a meeting. As long as it’s something that you pride yourself on, it’s the right answer.
  • Start the habit: Consciously take time at the beginning and end of each day to consider your successes. Starting and ending your day with a positive mantra helps us all to remain optimistic. Getting into a habit of doing so will boost your positivity each day.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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