When Is the Right Time to Start Planning for Hiring?

by Apr 16, 2018

There are numerous reasons why you may find yourself in need of new talent. Whether your company is growing, you have seasonal shifts in demand or a top performer has just given notice, the need for new employees can be an anxiety-inducing proposition. Knowing when and how to plan can ensure you are able to hire quickly and effectively.

When to Begin?

“When is the right time to start planning for hiring,” is a bit of a trick question. The reality is, you should always be recruiting to build a pipeline of passive talent you can call on when an opening does arise. Boston’s unemployment rates are at historical lows, and passive recruiting provides the best access true talent when you need it.

Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

Many companies don’t spend the necessary time strategizing talent searches. They simply post a job description and hope a talented candidate will come knocking. In today’s market, this is wishful thinking.

You must drill down the skills you need in a new candidate and identify the soft skills and attributes a person must have in order to succeed in the role and in your culture. You must craft a job description that will attract attention and proactively get out and recruit talent, even if they are currently employed.

A Poor Hiring Process Can Derail Your Search

Even if you plan well and connect with the right candidates, a poor hiring process can negate all your hard work. Candidates want to work for a company that communicates well, has a clear hiring process and sticks to its timeline. A slow, drawn out process will cost you talent in this extremely tight market. In fact, even waiting one day to make a decision can cost you your ideal employee.

How to Plan and Hire Successfully

Planning and conducting a strategic, efficient and effective talent search isn’t easy. Fortunately, there is a way to instantly improve both the speed and quality of your hires. A strategic partnership with a Boston staffing firm can ensure you fill open positions quickly, with the right people.

Contemporaries, Inc. works connects Boston companies with top talent, fast. We get to know your business, and we are always making new connections with bright talent. Our pipeline is stocked with driven people ready to make an impact. We know this because we forge real relationships with our talent and we take a team approach to hiring and matching organizations with our candidates. When we call our clients and say, “we have someone for you,” they know that person will be well worth their time.

We make the right match the first time, and our 98 percent placement success rate speaks for itself. To find out more about what makes us one of the best recruiting agency in Boston, contact us today.

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