5 Types of Companies You’ll Want to Work for After Graduation

by Apr 18, 2018

Graduating from college is an exciting time, but once the excitement subsides, it’s time to buckle down and land a job. Job searches can be overwhelming, especially in a market as large as Boston. There are lots of opportunities in the region, but the number of options can actually make it difficult to target your search. If you’re looking for your first job after graduation, here are five types of companies you should consider working for.

Companies Committed to Diversity  

Lots of companies say they prioritize diversity, but the truth is, not all companies are committed to diversity. Data shows that diverse organizations are more collaborative and more successful than their counterparts. Working on a team of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences is also bound to be more interesting than working as part of a homogeneous group.

High-Growth Startups

The Boston startup community provides unique opportunities for young talent. At a growing company, you are likely to get exposed to a variety of responsibilities, and getting in on the ground floor can position you for long-term career growth. Many startups offer full-time employees profit sharing and/or stock options, which can help you establish long-term financial security.

Higher Education

Higher education offers a great deal of job security, and schools typically offer comprehensive benefits packages including retirement plans. Though there are always exceptions, institutions of higher education are typically diverse workplaces that value unique perspectives.

Mission-Driven Organizations

Mission-driven organizations focus on making the world a better place. Whether they are focused on local, national or global change, they are motivated more by their mission than profits. If you want your work to mean something, seeking out a mission-driven nonprofit can be a great way to kick off your career.

How to Find a Job in Boston After Graduation

No matter where you choose to start your career, it’s important to remember every successful person had to start somewhere. A great strategy for landing your ideal job is to find a “back door” into a company you really want to work for. Accepting a temporary role at a solid organization can be your first step to a great career.

If you are a recent graduate looking to start your career, Contemporaries, Inc. can help. Our strong relationships with great companies in Boston enable us to place you in a role you can use as a springboard towards your ideal position.

Ready to get your career started? Put Boston’s best recruiters on your side. Contact Contemporaries, Inc. to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your goals.

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