Welcoming a Temporary Employee to Your Company

by May 21, 2018

Entering an office as a temporary employee can be intimidating, and with good reason. Temporary workers often do not receive the same attention as permanent hires. Managers and staff know short-term talent won’t be around forever, so they don’t take the time to make them feel welcome and integrate them into the team.

Failing to welcome temporaries with open arms can actually be detrimental to their productivity. Imagine how you would feel if you walked into an office and no one gave you a second look, or even took the time to show you the restroom and kitchen. You’d never feel comfortable, and you wouldn’t put your best foot forward.

Here are strategies you can use to make a temporary worker feel welcome and valued, setting them up for success.

Take Time to Show Them the Ropes

The manager working with the temporary employee should greet that person when they arrive, show them to their workspace and take them on a tour of the office, introducing them to each member of the team they’ll be working with.

Make certain the new person has every password they need to access systems on day one and assign a co-worker to mentor them and train them on tasks for their first few days.

Set Up a Welcoming Environment

The day before a temporary employee starts, make the team aware of the arrival. Make it clear you expect the group to be welcoming and friendly. Reach out to an employee you know to be a good example for others and ask if they will check in with the temporary worker throughout the first week to give the new person a “friendly face” to count on.

Check in Regularly

For the first week, touch base with the temporary worker at the start and end of each day, no matter how briefly, to see how things are going and check in on their progress. Over time, you can scale back, but make sure to keep communication open.

Work With a Strong Recruiting Company

The right recruiting partner can help you with the onboarding process, so you can provide a welcoming environment for your temporary staff. A good recruiter will check in with both you and the employee to see how things are going and provide support and feedback throughout the assignment. They can also provide a brief orientation before the assignment starts, to familiarize the employee with your company.

If you are looking to utilize temporary employees to enhance your current workforce, it pays to work with the best. At Contemporaries, Inc., we help Boston employers leverage talented temporary workers to help them achieve their goals. Our team-based approach to matching talent and opportunity ensures you will connect with bright temporary staff who can make positive contributions based on your needs and goals. Contact us today to learn how Contemporaries, Inc. can help you connect with bright talent in Boston.

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