Advantages to a Clean, Decluttered Work Space

by May 23, 2018

I recently wrote a blog titled Making Your Work Space Yours with suggestions on how to create a productive, inviting space for yourself at work. It got me thinking about how important our workspaces are, and how it ties into our productivity and happiness at work as well.

One thing that greatly affects both my productivity and happiness at work is having a messy desk. I didn’t realize how important it was to have a clear area until I graduated and started in the professional world. It’s something that is overlooked, and a lot of people don’t realize how much tidying up can help them!

In her article 8 Benefits of Decluttering Your Workspace, Riya Sander explains exactly why having a clear work space is beneficial to you. Here are some of her best points:

  • Improved impressions: Having a messy desk doesn’t show you in the best light. Whether it’s true or not, it makes it appear that you’re disorganized, leading your supervisor and coworkers to wonder if your work will be disorganized too.
  • Improved comfortability: Workspaces almost always feel too small anyways, so if you keep it organized and tidy, you’ll have more space.
  • Accomplishment and confidence: Decluttering your desk may feel like a daunting task. However, once you do it, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Further, you’ll feel way more prepared to take on other challenges at work. Clearing your space will also help you focus.


Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash

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