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Evaluating Boston Staffing Firms: How to Spot the Difference Between a Good Firm and a GREAT Firm

by Jun 22, 2018

A staffing firm can help your Boston company stay profitable and productive by connecting you with talented people, exactly when you need them. Every business wants to work with a great staffing firm, but it’s not always easy to sort through marketing and sales chatter to determine the best option. Here are tips you can use to spot the difference between a good firm and a great firm.

Good: A Staffing Company That Sends Resumes

Great: A Staffing Firm That Sends Real Candidates

Staffing firms that quickly get you qualified resumes are good, but fast isn’t always accurate. If you want to find a truly great staffing partner, work with a company that looks beyond the “traditional resume” – which can often be limiting – and focuses on the big picture: a candidate’s skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills and their personality fit for the client. Firms that invest time vetting candidates and recommending people who are a true skill and cultural match, even for temporary positions, will be the firms that help you achieve your goals.

Good: A Staffing Company With Experienced Recruiters

Great: An Experienced Staffing Company That Takes a Team Approach to Hiring

It’s great to have a talented recruiter working on your job order, but what if you could access an entire team of talented and experienced recruiters? Great companies take a team approach to hiring; putting the power of their entire company behind your search. When recruiters share candidates and opportunities, you have a better chance of being matched with someone who will truly be effective in your role.

Good: A Staffing Firm That Fills Orders

Great: A Staffing Firm That Builds Relationships

A staffing firm that fills orders is good, but a great staffing company will get to know you and your business. The better your relationship with your staffing firm, the more accurate and efficient they will become over time. Always dig deep to find out whether a potential staffing firm is truly interested in building a long-term, strategic partnership.

Good: A Staffing Firm With Offices in Boston

Great: A Staffing Firm Rooted in Boston

When trying to find a staffing partner in Boston, you’ll find plenty of national firms with a local presence. While these companies are good at what they do, they don’t all have sufficient local expertise to help you find exactly who you need, when you need them. A staffing firm that is based in Boston has the local roots, relationships and market knowledge to ensure the best outcomes for your business.

Ready to Work With a Great Boston Staffing Firm?

If you are ready to partner with a great staffing firm in Boston, contact the team at Contemporaries, Inc. today. Our recruiters have a 98 percent placement rate, and our commitment to service is what helps us build long-standing relationships with our clients. We take a team approach to hiring and work as an extension of your team, so when we make a recommendation, you know we’ve found your ideal candidate.

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