Little Things With Big Impacts

by Jul 16, 2018

Most employers know the basics of what to look for in a candidate; Do they have the skills? Have they used the skills in their work?
If it’s a yes to both, that candidate has already crossed the first hurdle, and might even be picked for an interview.
But when the interview time comes, what should interviewers and hiring managers be looking for beyond the candidate’s resume? How one conducts themselves before, during, and after an interview is very telling of how this person would be if they got the job. Liz Downs gives some examples in her article of what to pay attention to in order to ensure the candidate is a good hire, beyond their profile on paper.
  • Manners: If they candidate is rude to your receptionist, or anyone for that matter, do not hire them. First of all, that attitude could come out to customers, clients, and coworkers if they were to be selected for the role. And besides, it says a lot about someone when they’re rude to others but try to make a glowing impression on “the boss”.
  • Preparation: A good candidate should have done their homework before they came in for an interview. Pay attention to how much they know about the job and the company. It’s one thing for them to have some nerves (it’s an interview after all, right?), but they shouldn’t be stumbling to answer your questions as if they have no idea what the job or company is.
  • Adaptability: A good hire is someone who is able to go with the flow and learn. Everyone knows that a job is never as simple as its job description, so it’s important to hire people who can roll with this and adapt. Ask your candidates for examples of when they had to do this at their current position.
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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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