To Ask, Or Not To Ask?

by Jul 30, 2018

Employees often wonder about asking questions on the job. What questions should I figure out myself, or ask my boss about? How many times is too many to ask for clarification? How many questions is too many?

Questions are a completely normal and necessary part of being an employee anywhere. They are a basic mode of communication, and without asking questions, none of us would get anywhere. But there are some nuances to questions when it comes to the workplace and professionalism. Below are a few tips and pieces of advice I frequently give to temps, or anyone on the job for that matter.

  • Asking once is good, twice is okay, but more is too much: I always advise people that asking questions is totally okay and needed, but with one important caveat: don’t keep asking the same question again and again. This suggests that you don’t easily retain information, or that you don’t care to. Once you get the answer to something, jot it down so you remember for next time. On that subject, always bring a notebook to work with you, especially if it’s a new assignment.
  • Try to figure it out first: There are many questions that a supervisor simply needs to answer themselves. However, I always recommend at least trying to figure out the answer before you ask your supervisor. Even if you can’t come up with anything, it shows that you took the initiative to try.



Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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