Quote of the Day: Walt Disney

by Sep 25, 2018

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

-Walt Disney

Today, more than ever, individuals not only have to possess dreams, but they also need to have the passion, commitment, strength, and dedication to realize them. While many recent graduates and employees know what their dream job or profession is, many have no idea how to move closer to achieving them.

Walt Disney knew that if his dreams were ever going to be more than visions in his head, he would have to work hard and put in the effort. And while he may have failed at first, he continued to pursue his dreams, learned from his failures, and eventually they did come true. Treating every work experience as an opportunity to become more knowledgeable and better skilled, working hard, persevering even in the face of obstacles and adversity, are just some of the methods individuals can apply in their daily lives to become one step closer to realizing their own career and professional dreams.

Today’s quote brought to you by Thoughtful Mind.

Photo: by rawpixel.com retrieved from Pexels available under the public domain.

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