Nix the Clutter and keep your Work Space professional

by Oct 23, 2018

How you keep your work station reflects on you. The impressions made by a messy desk may not accurately show your organizational skills and professional commitment, but they leave an image nonetheless. In Kristine Solomon’s recent article, “12 things on your work desk that are making you look unprofessional,” she investigates this vise.  Soloman identifies inappropriate items that are commonly left on desks which skew an otherwise stellar portrait of professionalism.


Some of Soloman’s examples include keeping  “an avalanche of dishes and Tupperware” and “swarm of sticky notes” on your work station. While bringing your own lunch to work can be ecologically friendly, leaving food containers and their smells around afterwards can be viewed as disrespectful by coworkers. Likewise, taking notes is a good habit but the overuse of sticky notes and can show that you’ve yet to learn the utility of a physical notebook.


The appearance of professionalism is not limited to how you handle your direct interactions at work.  It also includes how you carry yourself and how you are seen by others. A messy desk undermines a positive image you can bolster with attention to your workstation.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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