Workplace Faux Pas That Hurt Your Reputation

by Nov 27, 2018

A positive reputation in the workplace can help you stand out as a candidate for advancement in your organization.   However, this standing can be tarnished by committing faux pas in the office, as Krista Gray observes in her article entitled “5 seemingly innocent mistakes that can ruin your reputation at work.”  Gray draws on the observations of Communication expert Stacey Hanke to identify actions to avoid in the workplace.

For example, Gray and Hanke note that, “meeting etiquette can make or break your reputation.”  Things to avoid include arriving late and taking the discussion getting off track.   Phone etiquette is another area to master to avoid a reputation for sending poorly crafted work messages or as someone that uses the phone at inappropriate times, such as during meetings. To the issue of general office manners Hanke advises that “all you need to do is stay present and connected.”  These and other tips in Gray’s article encourage the reader to reflect on their workplace habits and identify areas they can develop to improve (or not detract from) their reputation at work.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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