Step 4 of Interview Preparation: Know What You Will Bring to the Job

by Dec 11, 2018

Take the time to consider what skills and experience you will bring to the job. If there are experiences relevant to the work of the new position, jot them down and review them before your interview. If you have skills that are needed to do the role well, be ready to mention them.

This type of preparation is Alia Hollback’s 4th step, in which she urges you to, “know how your particular skill set will translate to your job role and how it will help contribute to the overall goals of the team or department.” Hollback also highlights the need to ‘sell yourself’ without feeling “gimmicky or disingenuous.” Your employer needs to hear the positives that you bring to consider them when selecting a candidate.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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