Year End 2018

by Dec 31, 2018

As we close out 2018 and ring in the New Year, we’d like to express our gratitude for all the overwhelming positive experiences we’ve had with each and every one of you. While the last year was chaotic on various levels, Contemporaries rose to the challenges. We did what we do best: placed qualified candidates in positions which, for almost everyone, was a successful match.

To Our Valued Clients:

  • Thank you for making 2018 a remarkable year for our firm as well as for our workforce with so many success stories, particularly those that ended with a temp moving on to a permanent job.
  • We express our sincerest gratitude to so many of you who have given us so many referrals to others looking for quality staff.
  • We appreciate that so many of you trusted our judgement and our recommendations for identifying the finest candidates.

To Our Treasured Employees:

  • Thanks for continuing to “wow” our clients with your skills, talents, strong work ethic and positive attitude.
  • We appreciate that many of you chose Contemporaries to begin your career journey after college.
  • You have our gratitude for dedicating yourselves to your assignments and going in and doing an outstanding job every single day and bringing a wonderful attitude to work.


And a personal note from Donna:

To My Contemporaries Team,

Thank you, Sam, Rory, Michael, Katie, Janet, and Diamond, for helping make Contemporaries the best staffing agency in Boston! Your efforts for creating a winning situation by identifying and placing the right person in the right position the first time around has earned you all much praise and accolades from both our candidates and clients.

Again, thank you all for helping Contemporaries experience such an incredible 2018!

Happy New Year and I look forward to working with you once again in 2019!

Well Wishes,

Donna Fitzgerald (& The Contemporaries Team)

“The past has no power over the present moment. The past exists only in your mind. Therefore, the only power it has in the present moment is the power that you give to it.”


-Eckhart Tolle


Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

This posting is brought to you by Contemporaries Inc., one of the best temp agencies in Boston MA. Also available for payrolling employees in Boston and Greater Boston

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