Tip 3 for Respect, Productivity & Notice at Work: Plan a Power Hour

by Jan 16, 2019

Tip three is to reflect on when you are most productive and to set aside time to work then. This may mean getting into work a little early. In Shana Lebowitz’s article on improving you standing at work she draws the author Laura Vanderkam to observe that “dedicating the first hour of your workday to an important project.”

Adding that, this can be thought of as a “power hour.” If you find that your power hour is more towards the end of the day, then plan accordingly. Once you have settled on a time that works for you, take steps to protect and improve the quality of your power hour. Take the time to actually schedule the the hour in your agenda. Let colleagues know that you will be busy during that time.


Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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