Tip 7 for Respect, Productivity & Notice at Work: Get Feedback

by Feb 5, 2019

There are the things you know that you need to work on to improve and then there are the things others know you need to work on to improve.  Tip 7 is to learn the latter and to do so by getting feedback from your colleagues.  In her article discussing this tip, Shana Lebowitz reflects on the challenge of getting constructive criticism, especially when it’s an employee junior to you.  This is because the first response of someone whose livelihood rests in yours hands may be to hold back to avoid offence.


To encourage a real answer about what you can improve on at work, Lebowitz draws on a method discussed by the former Google and Apple Exec Kim Scott which is to wait 6 seconds after asking,  “Is there anything I could do or stop doing that would make it easier to work with me?”  Pausing in this way encourages people to fill in the gap. This may not be needed with colleagues you have a good rapport with but if you feel the answers aren’t genuine you can always try the potentially awkward pause.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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