Listening and Staying Engaged Key to Successful Phone Screen

by Sep 9, 2019

Rather than meet eligible candidates, often times employers will arrange phone screenings in lieu of an in-person interview. Outside of not being able to make eye contact, potential supervisors and bosses still expect the same type of crisp, articulate responses and engaging discussion between the two parties.

But, in the day of tweets, texts and emails sometimes the art of dialogue and conversation is lost on job seekers. Too long or too short answers may mean trouble. Other instances which can lead to a phone screen fail is when the job seeker either is so busy trying to come up with the next answer that they forget to listen, or they become fixated on one aspect of the interview and fail to provide enough of an exchange to be a viable contender.

In you find that your next job interview is going to involve a phone screen make sure to prepare in advance.


You’ll want to prepare a list or bullet points of your skills, achievements, experience, expertise and abilities that make you not only well qualified for the position, but someone who will be an asset to the team and organization.

Also, make sure to listen to your host. Sometimes in an effort to try and over impress, candidates will not answer a question fully or adequately enough to satisfy the potential employer because they’re so busy trying to anticipate the next inquiry. Stay engaged. Make sure your responses are appropriate and professional at all times. There is no room for slang or cutting corners. In the event you are asked something that throws you off guard, move on, do not dwell or fixate on that single response.

Take notes as to what is being asked and answered and remember to request the individual’s email address before thanking them for their time.

In the event, you feel that you’ve left sometime vital out in the phone screen, you can always include it with a follow-up email again telling them how much you appreciated their time and how interested you are in the position.

By practicing good professional etiquette, learning to be a good listener, and staying engaged no matter what, chances are the next call you’ll receive from your phone screener is an exciting new job offer.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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