Beware! Your Social Media Activity Can be a Big Job Killer

by Sep 24, 2019

Anytime someone posts anything on the Internet they should be prepared to live with the consequences for years. Since the rise of Social Media, millions have enjoyed posting and tweeting and showcasing other items with little thought about any potential repercussions.

At the time they uploaded a picture or commented on a hot issue, it may have seemed very funny or in line with a particular opinion or political view they had.  What everyone needs to consider is that not all would be bosses and supervisors may share the same politics or sense of humor, particularly if the item in question falls into the realm of being off color, vulgar, derogatory, or risqué.

Nowadays, as part of the vetting process, many would-be employers are scoping out these same posts, pics, re-posts, and tweets. They’re making sure there’s nothing on a candidate’s public profile that could be embarrassing or lead to buyer’s remorse later after a new hire is made.

The best way to make sure anything you post on Social Media doesn’t become a detriment to your job prospects is to set all of your accounts on private.

And, if you chose not to go “private” think about keeping the items on your accounts neutral, positive, G rated and professional.

By keeping your accounts secured and exercising good judgement, would-be employers might be very impressed by what they don’t see.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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