“Starting Every Morning With Positive Affirmations – Sets You Up For a Great Day!”

by Sep 25, 2019

Whether you’re an early riser or someone who likes to sleep until the last alarm bell goes off, spending just a few minutes each morning on your emotional self will go a long way in establishing the tone for the rest of the day.

By reciting five inspirational and positive affirmations about yourself, the action will set the direction of how you are going to handle your work and react to other actions from dawn to dusk, Contemporaries, Inc. President and CEO Donna Fitzgerald noted.

As someone who begins her own mornings with such affirmations, Fitzgerald says it helps her to not only stay positively focused, but it also makes her feel better equipped to handle the personal and professional activities that fill up her day.

Fitzgerald points out that while you may not have control over all of the events that occur in your life, by repeating positive affirmations, it will help determinine how you handle stress, adversity, and obstacles and set you up for a spectacular day.

Fitzgerald also advises not to pick up your phone or even check Social Media until lunch time. She says this simple action will allow you to focus on good thoughts and your work.

Starting Every Morning With Positive Affirmations – Sets You Up For a Great Day!

Donna Fitzgerald

Quote Source: Contemporaries, Inc.
Image Source: Pixabay.

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