When Opportunity Knocks Be Sure To Open The Door!

by Oct 31, 2019

Lots of job seekers, particularly those beginning their career journey, may envision they’ll automatically land a dream job in the field or industry of their choice, complete with perks and a high paying salary.

With those thoughts in mind, some will pass on other employment options or assignments that may not be in their field but could greatly aid them in their chances for future success.

Take, for example, a recent college graduate who may have had high marks in school, but little or no work experience. Accepting an assignment or position, even if it is for a temporary job, will enable the former student to gain valuable knowledge while applying and improving their skills, learning new ones, and begin the transition from academia to the workplace.

Whether it is learning the basics of composing a proper business email, to assisting in developing web content, or even helping to answer phones and greet customers and visitors, all of these duties and tasks can better prepare an individual for future career prospects.

 In such a setting, the individual will learn the basics of office protocol and etiquette and how to successfully interact with colleagues as well as upper management.

Classroom settings do not compare to the lessons learned in this type of on-the-job training environment.

So, rather than holding out for that dream job, would-be employees should take a thoughtful look at all work prospects offered to them.  And, they should remember that there is no such thing as voicemail when opportunity knocks.

In other words, job seekers who venture into the workforce even if not in what they would consider the perfect assignment, will enable them to become more marketable and a step closer to their ultimate goal.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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