How To Keep Being Your Best Self

by Jan 14, 2020

Lately we’ve talked a lot about making a great first impression and bringing a renewed sense of energy to your work. But the tactics we’ve shared are meant not just for the start of the year, not only January: instead, focus on sustainable growth. Throughout this year and beyond, throughout your current job and beyond, it’s necessary to develop good habits in order to keep being your best self. These habits can lead to development within your current position, as well as ensuring that your employer will consider you for newly opened roles thanks to your demonstrated commitment. While there are lots of things that you CAN do at work, to make yourself truly indispensable, concentrate on doing what you SHOULD be doing while on the clock.


And while it’s a great idea to forge bonds with your colleagues and further develop your workplace community, make sure to keep those conversations positive–don’t gossip! Make sure, too, that you’re not bad-mouthing anyone around you. Remember, co-workers and bosses value uplifting conversational contributions. If you feel the need to chat ABOUT the people around you instead of only WITH them, limit your keen observations to the strengths of others.

Speaking of observations, another great way to bring your best efforts to your professional environment is to keep your eyes on your work–and NOT your phone. Especially in this day and age, it’s very tempting to reach out, grab your phone, and start scrolling through your social media feeds. It might even be something you do automatically, without thinking. Unfortunately, your employer isn’t psychic. They won’t be able to tell whether you’ve been on your phone for just a minute or hours. If they happen to see you with your device in hand, it’s a bad look. To best save face, save your phone usage for your break. And to make that easier for yourself, something you DO want to do is keep your phone somewhere you can’t see it; for example, your bag, your pocket, a drawer at your desk. Out of sight truly is out of mind.


With these tips in mind, you can save your mental bandwidth for continuing to be your best self while on the clock. Steering clear of the pitfalls we’ve mentioned above will allow your strengths to shine through. We know you’re a committed professional and that you’re giving your best efforts. Following these steps is a great way to make sure that your boss can also see that as easily as possible!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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