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Creating A Better Workplace Community

by Jan 21, 2020

Yesterday we discussed ways to engage in acts of service outside of your professional environment–today we’re turning inward. Since you spend eight hours at your job every day, contributing to your community there is one surefire way to fuel you for whatever endeavors the world throws your way. Check out what these experts have to say on ways to make your workplace not just a place you work but a community.

Gabrielle Garon from TopResume’s top tip is to “Show up … It means more than physically attending work. Clocking in, clocking out, will not generate workplace happiness and a positive workplace. You need to be present … Showing up means being open to the now and in the zone to process information without distilling it through the lens of the past or future. This act will help others lean in to what you’re doing and encourage them to do the same.” While this will also contribute to your own personal success, make sure you are also attuned to the successes of others as a further way to stay connected to present happenings in your professional community.

Veronique James, in conversation with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, offers up this framework for creating a positive workplace culture: “There are only opportunities in business, not problems. When emotions are high and stress levels skyrocket, even the smallest workplace issues can seem like towering boulders. I tell my team that what we’re experiencing isn’t a problem; it’s an opportunity to reflect, analyze and evaluate so that next time–and there’s always a next time–we’ll do better. Also, I try to find irony or humor in every situation.” While we know that you’re a serious professional, taking a moment to lighten the mood is something both you and your colleagues will appreciate. A simple act like laughing will create a bond that lasts beyond the moment.

Much like how airlines advise putting on your air mask before assisting others, creating a better workplace community will prepare you to look beyond your office walls and figure out ways to effect change. The best part? Building community means you won’t have to do it alone. Check back throughout this week for even more ways to stay connected to those working alongside you.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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