Collaboration Is Key

by Feb 7, 2020

Today’s discussion is on how to achieve the best experience for you and your staffing agency. With any collaboration, the best results come when you’re working in harmony. A huge advantage of working through a temp agency means that you’re not tackling your job acquisition alone. You’ve made the right choice in coming to us. So let’s chat about the best ways to make this relationship great for all parties!


In any partnership, communication is key. That’s why here at Contemporaries, we make sure to continue checking in with you throughout your assignment. To be able to advocate for you and to best set you up for success, we need to know what’s going on on your end! Mary Lorenz from CareerBuilder offers this great tip for what you can do on your end to get the most out of these conversations. When checking in “…make sure you keep it professional and respect your recruiter’s boundaries. That means adhering to your recruiter’s preferred method of communication (phone, email or text) and not checking in more than once a week. Finally, keep in mind that your recruiter is probably juggling multiple candidates at once or waiting to hear back from employers, so be patient if he or she does not respond immediately.”


Monster Careers Expert Mary Ellen Slayter provides this additional trick that you can apply to your experiences collaborating with us as well as your on-site supervisors: “Take the idea of ‘flexibility’ with a grain of salt. Often temporary positions are pretty rigid, time-bound and measured. They expect you to be there, work hard and when that job is done it’s over.” As with every relationship in your life, you need to show up and be present. This also applies to our digital age, where we’ll be reaching out to you over the phone and through email. Keep in mind that you’ll get out of your work experience what you put into it. Look at this “rigidity” instead as a sense of structure; once you know the boundaries of your professional relationship with your staffing agency and your on-site supervisors, you can put your own personal flair on your work to best flourish.


In the spirit of togetherness (after all, Valentine’s Day is coming up next Friday!), we’ll be continuing next week with the theme of partnership. Every relationship is a two-way street. Check back in on Monday for even more thoughts on how to best meet your temp agency and everyone you encounter in the middle. Have a great weekend!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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