Love The One You’re With

by Feb 11, 2020

Stephen Stills said it best: “Love the one you’re with.” Continuing our theme of partnership this week, today we’ll be discussing how to focus on the working relationships you currently have. This means living in the present and making that partnership the strongest it can be! To help you forge a solid bond with your staffing agency, check out our tips below from the pros. 


We’ve said this before–but it’s not just us! There is no one “perfect” job for you. We’re turning to Mary Lorenz at CareerBuilder for this handy tip: “Be open-minded. Even if you’re looking for a permanent, full-time job, be open to temporary or contract work. These positions could help you get experience in a new field, enhance your skills or get your foot in the door at a new company. Not to mention that temporary positions often get extended and sometimes turn into full-time positions.” Keeping this in mind is key. And keeping your staffing agency in the loop is the best way we can help support you! We’re here to be your cheerleaders, to remind you of the benefits to be found within every job placement. Making yourself indispensable no matter what position you hold helps establish your flexibility, a quality every employer looks for. 


Mary Ellen Slayter, Monster Careers Expert, also offers a way to remember to engage in a bit of self-love while on the clock: “Document your accomplishments. Unlike permanent employees, temps don’t get performance reviews…Save emails that praise you and note your successes so you have a good case, if the employer decides it needs someone on a permanent basis.” During our weekly check-in calls, you’ll have a chance to chat on the phone with us about your accomplishments as well! While we keep our own notes and you can always turn back to us for support, it’s tremendously to also have your own treasure chest of successes. This will help boost your mood while also amassing a set of clues to prove your indispensability to your employer should any exciting positions become available.  


A key to working with your staffing agency is to remember that we are rooting for you! We are in your corner to help you do your best no matter what sort of position you are working in. There is something to love about each and every one of them. Keep your head in the present; a great part of working with an agency is that when times get tough, we can help you do just that. Stay tuned all throughout this week for every more ways to build great professional partnerships. 


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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